The oldest Orchestra-Only Festival in Texas

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Ann C. Roberts Orchestra Festival

Festival Rules and Regulations

Classification: Classification of festival groups is the same as Texas UIL. Special classifications available upon request.  Compete for Best in Class in the following categories:
                    Beginners - 1st year players (includes Elementary & Middle School)
                    Elementary (for all others)
                    JH Sub Non-Varsity (Includes 6th Graders)
                    JH Non-Varsity
                    JH Varsity

Best In Class: There has to be at least 3 orchestras in a classification in order for a best in class trophy to be awarded.  There must be at least 7 in order for a runner-up in class to be chosen.

Music Selection: Music selections are at the director’s discretion, provided they motivate the group and encourage musical growth. Please furnish 3 (three) sets of music scores with measures numbered. Also, provide a seating chart so necessary set-up can be available.

Warm Up and Performance Time: Warm up is 30 minutes prior to your performance time. Your performance should not exceed 20 minutes. Traveling to and from the stage is included in the 30 minute allotment for each performing group.  Late arrivals to the festival are subject to a reduction in warm-up time.

Adjudication Forms: At least 2 weeks prior to the contest,  Adjudication forms including program selections and a seating chart must be sent to the festival owner. 

Recording: A thumb drive recording will be provided of your group’s performance.  Thumb drive will also include judges comments on separate tracks.

Equipment: Music stands and chairs will be provided in warm-up and performance areas. All other equipment is the director’s responsibility.  Larger percussion is available but prior notification must be given so that arrangements can be made for your performance.

Awards: A trophy will be awarded to the "Most Outstanding Orchestra". Also trophies will be awarded to "Best in Class" in Elementary, Intermediate and High School orchestras. Awards will be announced at the end of the contest. If you wish to play to Comments Only, please notify the registration desk.

Code of Conduct
Appreciation and recognition of the rights of all organizations and individuals during performance is mandatory. All directors who have students competing in the festival are to be directly responsible for the conduct of their students. It shall be the responsibility of each individual director to notify their students of this policy.

Bring to registration upon arrival at the contest site:  
1. Three sets of numbered music scores (originals or a letter from the publisher please) 
2. An updated Seating Chart, if needed